Detoxify Your Life in 4 Weeks

Are you toxic?

Headache, fatigue, insomnia, brain fog, joint pain and depression are signs of toxic overload.

Headaches, fatigue, digestive issues, joint pain, sleep difficulties, brain fog, depression and anger outbursts are all signs of toxic overload. Fill in the toxicity questionnaire to assess your overall toxic load.

Clear Your Path to Inner Peace


Clearing toxins from your body reduces damaging oxidative stress and allows all of your body systems to function better and more efficiently providing more energy for your journey. In addition, this enables your mind and spirit to clear toxic energy influences and opens up endless possiblities for you to fulfill your life purpose. 


Our mind is directly connected to our body and spirit and influences how we navigate our way through the world every day. Toxic energy in our mind from past influences is pervasive and determines what we do and how we do it. Clearing these mental toxins allows us to be happier with our lives every day and in every way. 


We are spiritual beings on a journey to find inner peace. Releasing toxic karmic energy and accepting our path are both powerful influences that enable us to learn, grow and become who we are meant to be. 

Your Insights

Why detoxification is important?

I will share with you the importance of regular detoxification as part of your self-care plan and how important it is for preventing chronic illness. 

How to detoxify safely and effectively?

Everyone is different and has unique needs making it important to find the best way to detoxify for your system to make it as easy and effective as possible for you.

Where toxins are coming from and how they affect your health?

Toxins exist in many shapes and forms and each one affects your system in different ways. You will learn which toxins are the most dangerous, where they are found, how to avoid them and how to eliminate them.

When to detoxify?

Find out the best time of year to detoxify and how to know when your system needs a detox.  

What to detox?

Toxins are stored in numerous organs and tissues of the body. You will learn how to target specific areas of your body where toxins accumulate. 

Your Journey Includes

4 Weeks of Online Group Coaching

Daily guidance, recipes and links to lots of great resources.

2 Personal Online Consultations

Individualized Detoxification Program

Group Support

With Unlimited Online Support

4 Weeks to Improved Health, Happiness and Self-Love

Together we will clear toxins from your body, mind and spirit and make you feel energized.

Week 1

We begin the journey by eliminating toxins from your body and start introducing elements of freeing your mind and spirit from toxic influences. 

Week 2

The journey continues with overall physical detoxification, adding extra elements to support ongoing daily detoxification strategies and introducing more elements for releasing toxins that affect your mental and emotional health. 

Week 3

Our journey here shifts the focus towards clearing mental toxins from your life. If necessary, we will continue working on removing the next level of physical toxins (yeast, parasites, heavy metals) from your system. I will introduce some new resources for removing spiritual toxins from your life as well. 

Week 4

This part of your journey will focus on finding spiritual peace and unconditional happiness. The goal in the last week is to ensure your mind, body and spirit are healthier and more balanced.

Our next program starts on Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Your Investment

*A receipt for $175.00 will be provided for individual consultations which may be deductible on extended benefits.

Begin Your Journey now

Your Program Guide

Hello and Welcome! My name is Dr. Cheryl Cooper and I will be your guide for your 4 week journey to DETOXIFY YOUR LIFE. With over 25 years in the health and wellness industry, I have seen the impact that all kinds of toxins have on our health and on our lives and how proper detoxification has changed my patients' lives.  

As your guide, I will help you to release physical, mental and spiritual toxins that are holding you back from being the best, healthiest and  most incredible you possible. 

Let me be your guide!


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